Over three hundred years ago, a few fortunate pioneers stumbled on a truly extraordinary area.

Three magnificent peaks framed a picture-perfect natural setting: a lush fertile valley fed by three streams carrying pure water from the snow-filled winter peaks.

It was the ideal location on which to create a home that was built to last.

But with this beauty came the inescapable force of Mother Nature which over the years unleashed two fires, an earthquake and a devastating storm – defining moments that the Drostdy Cellar and Home miraculously withstood.

It was this unrivalled setting; the majestic homestead and Sir Meiring and Lady M’s vision that gave rise to Drostdy-Hof’s range of wines.

Drostdy Hof Extra Light Dry White

A light, dry white wine, made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes. Drostdy Hof Extra Light Dry White

Details A light, dry white wine, made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes, this is an easy drinking, low alcohol option for the health conscious and those watching their kilojoule intake. It is 25% lower in alcohol than most other white table wines.

This soft and refreshing wine reflects the fruity aromas and flavours typical of Chenin Blanc and ends in a crisp, clean finish.

It is best enjoyed while still young and fresh.

Drostdy Hof Adelpracht

Colour: Light straw in colour with yellow and golden tinges. Bouquet: Packed with aromas of dried apricots, peaches, a touch of honey and floral notes. Palate: Full and rich, bursting with flavours of dried fruit and rounded off with a nice acidity to keep it fresh. Blend Information Chenin BlancThis wine is excellent with decadent desserts. It matches beautifully with light egg- and cream-based dessert such as cheesecakes, crème caramel and baked custard. Also great with fruit-based desserts such as apricot and peach tarts and glazed fruit tartlets.

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