J.C. Le Roux

Winemaker: Elunda Basson

The House of J.C. Le Roux, South Africa’s first and leading cellar dedicated entirely to the art of making sparkling wine, is acclaimed for its passion, craftsmanship and expertise to make the finest vintage Méthode Cap Classiques in the time-honoured French style, and fun loving sparkling wines to suit every palate.

Named after the prominent French Huguenot, Jean Le Roux, the cellar is situated on part of the historic farm where he settled to grow vines after leaving his home in Normandy in 1704.

Till this day The House of J.C. Le Roux bears testimony to the contribution made by this illustrious family in the picturesque Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch.

Le Domaine

(Sav Blanc/White Muscadel)

It is a bright yellow sparkling wine which has a bubbling muscat aroma supported by cheerful fruit flavours on the nose.

The palate is alive with sweet tropical fruits in perfect harmony with natural fruit acids supported by an enjoyable aftertaste.

With the finesse of the Sav Blanc variety, which lends freshness and flair to the blend, the gentle sweetness of White Muscadel adds a touch of softness which makes the wine so appealing.

La Chanson


This is a lively, ruby red sparkling wine.

It reveals a delightful melange of fruity flavours on the palate, suggesting hints of strawberry, mulberry and plum.

The wine’s entry is refreshing and crisp, due to the sturdiness of the grape acids, and the pleasant astringency lingers in the aftertaste.

Truly a sparkling wine to accompany all the good things in life.



J.C. Le Roux Sauvignon Blanc 2010 is a dry yet fruity sparkling wine with tones reminding you of tropical fruits, litchis, pineapples and granadilla flavours.

It is a refreshing and lively bubbly, showing a good balance and is light and clean on the palate.



This is a lively, passion pink Sparkling South African Wine that entices all the senses.

It reveals a delightful mélange of sweet, fruity flavours with hints of strawberry, plum and tropical fruit.

This exuberant bubbly perfectly balances freshness and sweetness with its playful palate of sweet strawberry and sensual plum flavours, combined with the richness of Muscat.

It is pure femininity in a bottle and is sure to uplift your spirit

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