The story of our South African brandy goes all the way back to before 1938 when the brandy was first distilled by one JP Marais, known as Kosie to his friends.

While other farmers in the region concentrated on wines, Kosie knew that Chenin Blanc and Colombar grew extremely well in Robertson and wereexceptionally well suited to brandy making.

So this part dreamer, part engineer set up his first distillery in his backyard and began crafting our South African brandy.

Current Klipdrift Brandy Master, Johan Venter knows that Kosie’s winning formula is one worth sticking to and that is why his brandy-making skills and philosophies have been handed down from generation to generation of Klipdrift Brandy Master.

Kilpdrift Brandy

Brandy Colour: Klipdrift Export is known for its light chestnutty colour. Brandy Aroma: Pour a tot of Klipdrift Export into your glass and have a good sniff. Aromas reminiscent of fresh ripe apricots and hazelnuts will have you doing more than just sniffing your glass in no time at all. Tasting the Brandy: Once you’ve had a good sniff, the aromas follow through and linger with flavour on the palate. Take a nice big mouthful and savour it. Repeat as desired. Serving Suggestions: Whether it’s at a braai, a pub or around the dinner table, Klipdrift Export is best served with friends! It’s a well-balanced brandy that can be enjoyed on eish or with mixers like water, flavoured water, ginger ale, lemonade and cola..

Klipdrift & Cola

It’s gees in a bottle! Klipdrift & Cola is the heeltemal eerste South African pre-mixed brandy drink. It’s a celebration of all things South African… Braais, local musos, sports, sunshine and friends. We’re all about the perfect mix of cultures, languages and, of course, Klipdrift and cola. Colour: Off-black’s the new black! The Mix: Taste: Like cola with a familiar Klipdrift kick. Serving Suggestions: Well chilled. Gooi a couple of bottles or cans in the cooler box and head down to your mates for a braai. This ready to drink brandy is the no mess no fuss solution for an afternoon or evening out. Klipdrift & Cola always tastes better when there are some lekker beats in the background.

Klipdrift Premium

Meticulously blended in over 50 year old potstills and an extended maturation period in French oak, this blended brandy is the result of extreme dedication to the art of brandy making and has, over the years, come to be known simply as Premium. Klipdrift Premium drinkers have a true appreciation for the art of brandy making, craftsmanship and the spirit of South African hospitality and generosity. Colour: Amber gold Aroma: An alluring blend of cedar, apple, tobacco, spice and walnuts. Tasting: Klipdrift premium’s smooth full-bodied taste is attributed to the use of the finest grapes, meticulous blending, unhurried maturation in French oak and true skill. Serving Suggestions:

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