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  • Hearts in Marlborough since 1980, roots in Champagne since 1684

    For almost 40 years, champagne maker Daniel Le Brun has had one goal: to make Méthode Traditionelle wines that rival the best in the world and to do it in Marlborough, New Zealand.

    The first record of a Le Brun planting vines in France is from 1684 and the family still produce Méthode Traditionelle under their own labels in France.

    Records from 1750 in Monthelon in the Champagne district are the first indication of Champagne Le Brun. Since then, members of the Le Brun family have continued the tradition.

    Today, Champagne Alexandre le Brun in the Monthelon (Marne) region of Champagne, Champagne Glavier Le Brun near Cramant and Champagne Jorez Le Brun in Ludes cultivate their vines with love and make their champagnes with passion.

    Daniel Le Brun has been called the grandfather of Méthode Traditionelle in New Zealand.

    Daniel is involved in every stage of creating the wines and is somewhat of a perfectionist, never wavering in his commitment to creating wine the way he learned from his father in Champagne.

    Adele and Daniel Le Brun have been pioneers of Méthode Traditionelle in New Zealand for 40 years. This is a story that spans generations, with roots in Champagne but its heart now firmly in Marlborough.

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