Pike & Joyce

Pike & Joyce is a celebration of unity, embodying the merging of two families who share a love for our region, a passion for exceptional wine, and a dedication to fine dining.

The Pikes have a proud history in producing authentic, hand-crafted beverages in South Australia, dating back to 1886 when family patriarch Henry Pike established Pikes Dorset Brewery at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills. 

Pikes Wines was established in 1984 at Polish Hill River in the Clare Valley, and in 1998 they formed a partnership with the Joyce family of Lenswood to establish Pike & Joyce Wines.  Andrew Pike’s wife Cathy is related to the Joyce family and this relationship was instrumental in the formation of Pike & Joyce.

Over 5 generations and more than a hundred years in Lenswood, the Joyce family have evolved a rich horticultural and viticultural knowledge in the Adelaide Hills, continuing the heritage of creating fresh premium produce and products, from apples to cherries, and now wine grapes.

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