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Springfield Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Life from Stone derives its name from the incredibly rocky soils in which it is grown. Every year the vineyard battles against nature in order to produce highly concentrated, powerful wines with a flinty, mineral character true to the quartz rock in which it is grown. Monumental human effort was required to plant the vines – implements destroyed, and, in the case of the older vineyards, dynamite deployed.

A true expression of the site’s terroir, this wine will drink well now, or can be enjoyed in the next 2-3 years

Sauvignon Blanc, 17 – 23 year-old vines, clone SB11E on R110
6 t/ha
Robertson, South Africa
Harvested at night in February 2020 with dry ice protection
21 days alcoholic fermentation
100 days on primary lees
All racking done under CO2
Stabilised at -3ºC for 2-3 weeks
80g/hl Bentonite fining.
Not sterile, only 2.5 micron filtration prior to bottling on the estate
alcohol: 12.5 % | acidity: 7.51g/l | pH: 3.38 | FSO2 40mg/l at bottling Sugar: 1.97g/l

Slope: Very gentle southerly, 6060 vines/ha row direction angled into the sunset
Soil: Extremely rocky – 70% quartz, 30% solubles
Climate: moderate summer with low night temperatures, cold winter
Wind: South Easterly (summer)

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