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South African & Australian Chenin Blanc Collection 6pack

This week in our Grape to Glass series we featured Chenin Blanc and two wineries that produce exceptional Chenin Blancs, Vondeling Wines in South African and Aravina Estate here in Australia.

Chenin Blanc is incredibly versatile when paired with food, as was showcased during the week. #foodandwinepairing #food #wine

 Join us in celebrating Chenin Blanc with our South African & Australian Chenin Blanc Collection.

 This delicious 6 pack Chenin Blanc Collection consist

2 x Vondeling Wines Babiana

2 x Vondeling Petit Blanc Chenin Blanc

2 x Aravina Estate 'Block 4' Chenin Blanc 

Taste the best of South African and Australian Chenin Blancs

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