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Ses’fikile Chenin Blanc Roussanne 2017

  • Ses'fikile means "we have arrived". These three words are built on a foundation of personal and communal struggle, yet they also look forward positively, with the hope of a better tomorrow. Most importantly the words sparkle with a sense of adventure. This is a pioneering, exploration of new South African opportunity in one of our most glamorous and exciting industries.

    Crisp and fresh, this wine is perfect for light summer lunches or to be enjoyed on it’s own. It will complement fresh leaf salads and lots of sunshine and good company. It can also be enjoyed after your mphokoqo dish (traditional South African crumbly maize meal seasoned with sour milk).


    Nondumiso Pikashe, a South African entrepreneur creating a proud indigenous wine brand had this to say when asked about future plans and aspirations for your company: "I want to change the stereotype that indigenous brands don't work in the wine industry. I want Ses’fkile wines to be an indigenous brand of note. I see Ses’fikile arriving in the EU, Africa and Asia Markets. Ses’fikile will be a domestic wine brand of celebration, a brand that trumpets the African Renaissance, that connects nations and brings women together. I see Ses’fikile as tool that brings about sustainable transformation through its Corporate Social Responsibility. Our focus in on exposing girls to career paths in the wine industry. "The wines of Ses’fikile aim to sparkle with the mysterious allure of adventure and trumpet the African Renaissance."

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