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Warwick The First Lady Pinotage 2020

  • Situated in the foothills of Stellenbosch's iconic Simonsberg Mountain, Warwick's terroir offers the perfect confluence of elements to grow grapes of consistently outstanding quality. In the cellar, careful vinification yields fine wines with true varietal character and honest expression of their origin. We deeply cherish what nature has provided, and are committed to protecting and nurturing our land for generations to come, we dedicate our time and passion to ensuring quality in every facet of our craft. Each wine in the collection tells a small part of the Warwick story.

    The First Lady Pinotage is a light and lively number that isn’t shy of a bit of spice. In that sense, it’s not unlike their legendary First Lady, Normal Ratcliffe, who became the first woman to serve as Chairperson for the prestigious Cape Winemakers’ Guild. Her legend lives on in this range.

    The Warwick harvest team pick their Pinotage fairly ripe, giving lashings of rich black cherries and ripe strawberry elements, as well as those tell-tale cured meat aromas that Pinotage delivers. The grapes spend as long as two weeks on skins, lending the wine a spectacular crimson colour, as well some powdery tannins. The wine goes through malolactic conversion, adding a velvety texture, and hints of milk chocolate. Finally, all components aee aged in oak, adding a silky finish with hints of spice.

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