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Warwick Three Cape Ladies 2017


  • Situated in the foothills of Stellenbosch's iconic Simonsberg Mountain, Warwick's terroir offers the perfect confluence of elements to grow grapes of consistently outstanding quality. In the cellar, careful vinification yields fine wines with true varietal character and honest expression of their origin. We deeply cherish what nature has provided, and are committed to protecting and nurturing our land for generations to come, we dedicate our time and passion to ensuring quality in every facet of our craft. Each wine in the collection tells a small part of the Warwick story.

    The Three Cape Ladies was the first Cape Blend ever bottled. It was also James Bond’s seductive wine of choice in the 007 book Carte Blanche, published in 2011. If you now feel the need to use a Sean Connery voice whenever you say “Three Cape Ladies”, we completely understand.

    The 2017 vintage saw the return of Pinotage to the blend for the first time since 2014. An important step in re-capturing the heritage of this pioneering wine.

    The vanguard aromas are more brooding than a Severus Snape montage, with exquisite aromas of black berries, cherry compote and rosemary. The palate is rich and textured with bright red fruits, cigar box, and dark chocolate on the finish.

    All components were tank-fermented separately, and then barrel-matured for 20 months.

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