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The Art Of Decanting And Aerating

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party ( you could make this is your new party trick ) or enjoying a quiet evening at home, the Menu Wine Breather carafeoffers a convenient and efficient way to aerate and decant your wines.

Winter Warmers

It’s time to stock up on some sensational Winter red wines!

Rich and tasty reds? No problem, we have a range of delicious full bodied Cabernets to choose from, the best Cabernet Sauvignon's are coming straight out of Stellenbosch!

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Looking for a Barrel Selection Chardonnay?

With a striking nose of sliced pear and peach blossom interwoven with subtle lime and caramelised oats, Vondeling's full-bodied Chardonnay is the the only one to buy!

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